How do I get a Child Advocate?

Posted by Jennifer on January 31, 2020  |   No Comments »

Do you feel that you need help getting your child the services he needs at school? I highly recommend that you get a Child Advocate if your child has dyslexia. This is a free service that Advocacy Denver offers. The nice thing about having an advocate is that they know the laws and your rights. Your advocate will make sure your child is getting the services he needs. I just spoke to a parent who when through this process and she was so glad she got an advocate. She said it changed the entire process, in a good way.

Here is how you get a child advocate.
You can call the referral line at 303-974-2530 or you can go online and fill out their form. Here is the link to do that:

Child and Family Advocacy

You’ll need to provide your child’s full name, school, DOB, his disability and a brief overview. If you haven’t had your child evaluated yet you can just state that.

I wouldn’t wait on this as it may take some time to set things up. It’s really nice to have someone on your side of the table who knows the law and what your child needs to succeed in school.

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