What is reading fluency?

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Has your child’s teacher said that your child’s reading fluency is low? What does this mean? The definition of reading fluency is the ability to read text accurately and quickly. That means that they don’t skip words or read words incorrectly. Part of fluency is also reading with expression.

Many children get stuck on words and pause frequently. Others read word by word instead of in longer phrases. Do you notice your child doing this? If your child reads word by word, then they are focusing all of their attention on figuring out each individual word. They have no room left to understand what they have read. Therefore, low reading fluency can affect comprehension, or the ability to understand what was read.

How can I help my child who reads slowly or reads words incorrectly?

  • There is a strong connection between reading ability and how much a person reads. Encourage your child to read each day.
  • Showing your child what quick and accurate reading sounds like is better than having your child reread a book on their own. After you read a sentence or paragraph out loud to them, then let them try it on their own.
  • To develop reading fluency it’s better if your child reads a book that is relatively easy.

Activities for successful reading practice:

  • Ask if you can get a recording of a new book your child is asked to read at school.
  • At first, let your child listen and follow along with his or her finger.
  • Then encourage your child to read along with the recording.
  • Repeat this step until your child feels more comfortable with the text.
  • Finally, let your child read the book without the recording.

Are you having difficulty finding books that are at your child’s reading level? Contact us for a book list at info@dyslexiasolutionsofcolorado.com . This book list will give you many book titles that are appropriate for your child’s reading level.

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