Dyslexia Solutions of Colorado offers one-on-one tutoring tailored to your child’s specific needs. We work with individuals ages 5-adult and meet 2 or more times a week. Our tutors are available to meet with your child virtually and in-person.

We use the Orton-Gillingham Approach. This is a multisensory approach that uses the four learning pathways to the brain:

  • Visual – Sight
  • Auditory – Hearing
  • Kinesthetic – The act of doing a physical movement, hands-on
  • Tactile – Sensory, touch

We start working with each child at their individual level so it is easy for them. Each lesson builds upon what they have already learned. This allows children to feel comfortable as they learn more difficult words, syllable types, sounds and spelling patterns.

You will begin to notice changes such as:girl doing homework

  • Improved spelling
  • Increased willingness to read aloud
  • Better handwriting
  • Improvement in grades
  • Fewer behavior problems in school and at home
  • Rising self-confidence
  • Actual excitement about going to school

In a typical tutoring session your child will…

  • Practice handwriting to review how to write letters correctly
  • Review what we learned in the last session
  • Learn to read, write and spell new words that share a common pattern
  • Focus on other skills when needed such as grammar, punctuation and capitalization, sentence and paragraph writing, and reading comprehension
  • Read out loud. This allows children to put it all together and practice what was learned.
  • Have homework assignments. These are short readings that help children practice what was learned.