Here are some recent testimonials about our service:

Your services have more value to us than you charge. The difference we have seen in the girls since you started working with them has been priceless.
–Jonathan and Katie, Parents of 3rd and 6th grader

I want to thank you for all that you’ve done for both S.L. and L.L. the work you did not only helped them academically, but it also helped them be confident in who they are, which is just as important. You’ve been an important part of their lives and we are so grateful for that.
–Tina, Parent of 4th and 6th grader

My daughter has struggled with reading due to having Dyslexia and ADHD. We had a tutor coming to her school last year with limited success. This year, Jen Pelcyger worked with my daughter to not only help her with reading, but also work to repair her sagging self-esteem and frustration with the entire reading process. It was a difficult place to start but Jen was up for the task.
My daughter’s reluctant disposition was overcome as she responded to Jen’s caring personality and her teaching style. She has made strong progress this year and her attitude has improved. Although reading is still difficult for her, my daughter has shown us her proficiency by reading off recipes, homework sheets and tackling books on her own.
Jen came to my daughter’s school twice per week. It was easy to set up scheduling and payment. Jen was quick to respond to the occasional text or email about schedule changes. She gave us periodic updates on progress and worked well with the teachers at my daughter’s school.
–Stephanie and Eric, Parents of 3rd grader

It is so nice to finally have peace of mind about my kids’ dyslexia. Jen’s teaching style, program, advice, and support have been invaluable to our family. The progress it has led to with both kids has been wonderful!
— Aliya and Rehan, Parents of 2nd and 4th grader

We wanted to thank you for all you did for Matthew. It definitely made an impact on him and his life! We thank the Lord for bringing you into our lives. A blessing you have been.
–Shari parent of a 5th grader

Our son has struggled with reading and writing for years. Miss Jen has forged a connection with our son, and understands him as a person and learner. She has a structured approach to her lessons, and covers a lot of ground (writing, reading, dictation, spelling, and much more) in every hour session–all while making our child feel supported and nurtured. He has learned many valuable tools and skills in just the one year that he has been working with her. We recently found out that he is now reading at grade level, and no longer qualifies for reading on his IEP! We honestly didn’t know when we’d see that day, and we are immensely grateful to Miss Jen for being such an important leader on our son’s “team”.  The growth he has made this year in reading, spelling, and writing is tremendous, but perhaps more profound is his new-found confidence at school.

— Jen and Greg, Parents of 4th Grader

My son was a below grade level struggling reader. He saw all reading as a chore. His decoding skills were underdeveloped and he often guessed when reading words he didn’t know. I tried different activities to help him, but nothing made a significant difference. Then I found Jen! After working with Jen, my son developed stronger reading skills and more importantly increased his confidence as a reader. As a result of working with Jen for only 6 months, my son read on grade level at the end of the school year. Jen has been an invaluable support person as my son navigates his journey of becoming a reader!
–Hilary and Greg, Parents of 3rd Grader

As a family when dealing with the word dyslexia, you really aren’t sure what to expect. We met with Ms Jen and I was surprised how quick my son took to going to Ms Jen’s house.  Since the first session we noticed a difference in my son’s learning style, he would come home and want to do Ms Jen’s homework, this is something we never experienced with the school’s homework. I am really impressed with the personal plan Ms Jen developed for my son, she is really in tune to his learning style and loves to show us all of his improvements big and small. Ms Jen is really committed to helping my son learn to thrive in school –his way, and my family feels very lucky to have Ms Jen in our lives and feel with her help our son is going to develop the skills he needs to succeed in life.

–Nicole and Rod, Parents of 3rd grader

Our son’s handwriting has improved markedly in the few weeks he has worked with Jen. She was able to quickly identify several challenges he faced and patiently give him clear-cut strategies for addressing them. He enjoys his time in Jen’s comfortable, creative learning space and will be entering 3rd grade looking forward to using the techniques he has learned over the summer with her to ease his frustration in the classroom. We are so grateful for his rapid progress and look forward to his continuing success.

–Erika and Chip, Parents of 3rd Grader

Jennifer! You truly are special to our family and we are endlessly grateful for the outstanding progress Lincoln has made because of your incredible tutoring! I know that is a strong statement but it comes from the heart!

You are so patient and kind helping to always keep him focused. Your continuous praise, congratulating and reward system has established for him some much needed and ever-growing confidence! Lincoln has completely sailed through the topics his teacher claimed he likely wouldn’t grasp in this school year (and it’s only October!) I am so glad we were able to find you; your background, previous experience and credentials are so very evident! How successful Lincoln has become and the comments I receive from helper parents in the classroom is really all we need to know as parents that having your tutoring is invaluable!

— Denise and Jeremy, Parents of Kindergartener

I wanted to thank you for showing me that technique for writing summaries. To write the paper it took me no time at all and I was not stressed out about what to put in and where to find the information because it was already written down.

–Heather, Graduate Student

I just wanted to say thanks for all the help you’ve given Zach. I can really see an improvement in his writing, but mostly in his attitude toward writing. He enjoys coming to see you and is proud of how his writing looks.

–Erika, Parent of 4th Grader